As you all know, I love music so I’m going to find every opportunity to plug songs into this blog when I can. Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Overly Dedicated’ was one of the first albums that I listened to that made me get into his music more. The song ‘Growing Apart’ reminds me of people who are too invested into things, causing them to neglect what they should actually commit to.  When Jhene says:

“Try to slow it down, stay close to the ground, but we’re always in a hurry now and if I could make this world spin a little slower…”

I really feel like you can reach a point in your life where you are so dedicated to certain things that you start to diverge from everything—even those things that are important.

I’m Overly Dedicated to:

  1. Putting on a facade so it looks like I have it all together
  2. Trying to conceal pain, rather than heal from it
  3. Worrying about not being good enough

What are you Overly Dedicated to? I could be something as normal as being too committed to relationships or even academics. Kendrick also goes through eras where he speaks about ‘The Heart’ in four parts, actually. (If I may mention, those are some of the greatest songs you’ll listen to.) So that’s kinda what I want to do here. I want to break molds, address issues and experiences, and also learn from people as well. I want to help foster my personal growth and break it down into as many parts necessary to reach the core. Currently, I am on a journey to find out where the heart is, so for now, it’s wherever I want it to be.